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2024 – It’s Bigger, Better and Bolder

2024 – It’s Bigger, Better and Bolder

 Fashion trends and an in-depth look at a world of AI and Slow Sustainable Fashion

Fashion and the Environment

Eco-consciousness, ethics, and responsible practices are essential if we’re to have any kind of future. And, if we’re to make any kind of progress, it’s going to become a requirement - not just an after-thought.

With eco-consciousness on everybody’s minds, this year’s fashion trends include saving the planet and acting more kindly towards people whilst providing quality products over quantity. A slow sustainable approach to trendsetting and functional designs creates timeless pieces with a longer life-span, less waste and more attention to detail.

The slight down-side to slow fashion is that it might be more expensive. Considering the harmful impact fast fashion has on the environment and the crafts(wo)men, a slightly more expensive product is a small price to pay to improve the over-all well-being of our people and our planet.

The benefit of purchasing a product from a company specialising in slow, sustainable fashion is undoubtably the quality of the product, often made by hand with a possible lifetime guarantee and not to mention the incredible re-sale value.

Most consumers cannot afford to purchase a high-end luxurious product due to the increased cost of slow fashion because the production of an eco-friendly product is time consuming, with more expensive materials and superb craftmanship.

The introduction of selling pre-loved items on various websites in 2023 offered consumers an opportunity to purchase their dream items, for a far less price.

Fashion and A.I

In a world that is ever-growing and evolving the next big thing taking over is AI – Artificial Intelligence. Integrated into our social media, websites and online stores, the AI’s create algorithms based on our search history and likes.

Despite the potential “AI-take over” Deloitte released a report at the end of 2023 stating that 90% of consumers that was interviewed preferred personalised advertising and 80% of the consumers preferred personalised interaction when making purchases, regardless if it is online or in-person at a local store or boutique.

Online shopping made life for the working class person a lot easier. You can shop in the comfort of your home or office and have it delivered within days – to your doorstep. But should there be a query or complaint, nothing is more frustrating than to communicate with an AI bot.

Most often, these complaints and queries will not get resolved and cause the consumer much frustration. This is why consumers turn to Google Revies and Hello Peter, to raise their frustration. It’s reminds us a little bit of the “back-in-the-day” Compliments and Complaints Box companies had. Now it’s just electronic.

Another attraction for consumers to specific slow moving fashion creators, is the focus on hyper-personalisation.

Branded items that they can purchase with their own special touch. Engraving your name, changing your strap and even matching sets, is the craze for the season.

More consumers are focussed on supporting local, small business with a personalised touch.


What are the Fashion Trends for 2024 that stood out in our industry?

Colour, Size and Texture! The Bigger, the better.

Colours have an aesthetic function – it communicates emotions and sets moods, it’s a conversation starter.

Pantone declared “Peach Fuzz” as the colour for 2024, embracing a mind, body and soul enrichment whilst bringing a calmness.

Vogue showcased the latest Hermes trends specifically made from leather – focussed on quiet luxury. Colours such as Grey, “putty”, burgundy, ox-blood, merlot, classic brown tones and olive. Setting the mood for earthy tones and warm fuzzy feels.

The perfect colour pallet for the South African Autumn  making these tones the perfect pallet for an item that can fit in to the trends for more than just a season.

We are back in the statement era, believe it or not. Animal Print, Metallics, Bows and oversized bags and belts.


So why fit in when you can stand out?

Consider our useful tips when you make your next purchase from a local designer and creator.

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