How Collection 2.1 was Born by Carmin Hamze
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How Collection 2.1 was Born

March 03, 2021

How the 2.1 Collection came about.
This hand-stitched eco leather collection is a combination of the classic along with the cool.

It’s basically like dressing Audrey Hepburn with Marilyn Monroe’s wardrobe.   
The foundation of this hand-stitched leather collection is still what we always stand for, classic sophistication, however this time around we were a little cooler, a little edgier, a tad bolder and bearing in mind the environment with our eco-conscious leather. 
We created this collection from eco-conscious leather which is free of ecologically harmful chemicals. This natural tanning process now includes water based chemical along with vegetable extracts.
Combine this eco-friendly hand sewn leather piece with bold rust resistant gunmetal colored fittings, anti-strip zips along with our ancient technique of sewing all by hand, you find yourself with a locally made lifetime guaranteed product.
Invest in leather & quality craftsmanship.
It won’t end up in a landfill, it won’t pollute.
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