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Handmade AND Hand-stitched luxury leather bags. Certified for Life, made in SA.

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We pride ourselves in slow & sustainable fashion

We pride ourselves in slow & sustainable fashion

Before we start talking about slow fashion we need to explain the difference between Fast and slow fashion.
Fast fashion might be more confidant to you, BUT this is inexpensive products that is produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends. So yes it will be all the latest trends but as soon as the trend disappear people let go of their trend piece that they bought and pollute the environment just because it is not in fashion anymore. Fast fashion garments spark a lot of ethical concerns. They are often made in sweatshops where workers are employed for long hours in unsafe conditions and being paid less than minimum wages.

Swish and Swank are proudly part of the slow fashion community. Slow Fashion is an approach to producing our leather bags and we take into consideration all aspects of the supply chain and in doing so, aims to respect people, the environment, and our employees. With slow fashion, we can ensure that our employees earn well above fair wages and our leather products won't end up in landfills, polluting the environment. It also means spending more time on the design process, ensuring that each piece is made with the best quality and stitched by hand, this enables us to provide a lifetime guarantee.⁠

We are proud to say that our products are locally made and each part of the supplies that we used are ethically sourced within South Africa. Every bag is hand sewn and our employees take their time to ensure that each bag is made to perfection. We have set our 7 to 10 working days in order to give our employees sufficient working time to finish every bag with pride & precision. In addition to that, this lead time ensures that they are not overworked & under pressure, allowing them to perform in ideal working circumstances.

Our leather collection is as durable as it gets. The combination of our suede lining that is tear-resistant, our anti-strip and rust resistant zips and our ancient technique of sewing by hand, results in a lifetime guaranteed end product. Quality craftsmanship means less pollution for our dear Mother Nature.

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