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The Genuine Leather Toiletry Bag is the travel companion to your travel companion. He is yin to your travel yang

This Genuine Leather Toiletry Bag is a must for anyone who travel. It is also a perfect alternative for a make-up bag. It is more spacious than the regular toiletry bag, because they say bigger is better, right? 

This champion is lined with luxury black suede lining, which is tear resistant, unlike material lining. Winning

It also has an outer zip for all the tiny accessories that tend to get lost. (supplements, hair pins, you know the drill.

Oh, and did you know, we use YKK zips, they are guaranteed to never strip, so scratch out that frustration! 

Size: 24cm (wide) x 14cm (high) x 13 cm (bottom)

Colour: Black

-Colour of Fittings: Gold 

*This is stitched by hand and guaranteed to last a lifetime


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